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This website has been developed by the owner of the in-game character known as Aernir Ridley, and is hosted and administered by the Brave Collective.

Privacy Policy

This website's purpose is to serve as a database of information related to the game Eve Online. No information gathered by this website will be used for any reason outside of that core purpose. No information stored in this website will be used for monetary benefit, advertisement outside of the scope of Eve Online, or given to any third party for the purpose of advertisement. This website strives to comply with the Eve Online Terms of Service, End User License Agreement, and Developer License Agreement.


This website uses cookies for the sole purpose of maintaining your session information. You may opt-out of using them by configuring your browser accordingly, but this might negatively impact your experience.

What Information Do We Store?

"Stored" information is contained within various databases, and is used for critical site functionality.
  • Two session IDs using cookies
  • Your character name in connection with a session ID if you log in
  • Information that is submitted to edit or create an entry in a database (ie. d-scan data, login tokens, etc.)

What Events Do We Log?

  • When you are granted or denied access to a page
  • When you initiate a search of one of our databases
  • When you submit information that is used to edit or create an entry in a database (ie. submitting a d-scan, logging in, etc.)
  • When an error occurs in the page you're trying to access

What Information Do We Log?

"Logged" information is contained within a dedicated site log, and is used by website admins for debugging, ensuring the site is working as intended, and maintaining the security of the site.
  • A timestamp of the event
  • The type of event
  • The page you were on when the event happened
  • Your character name, if you were logged in
  • Real and forwarded IP addresses
  • In the case of database edits and searches, the information you submitted

Some CYA

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